Sr. No. Name of Project No. of beneficiaries Amount involved Year of implementation Year of Completion Funding sources
1 Natural Resource Management 15,0000 5.82 crore 2017 2020 Brot, Germany
2 Small and Marginal farmers in Manipur 12,0000 2.6 crore 2016 2019 APPI, Bangalore
3 Farmer Producer Organisation 500 9.06 lakh 2016 2018 NABARD
4 Sustainable NRM and Livelihood project-         EED Germany  
5 Sustainable solar energy         SELCO Foundation, Bangalore
6 Hill Area Development Program         NEC through DC Noney, Manipur
7 Skill training project         SFURTI,  MSME, Govt. of India
8 Nurturing and promotion of farmer through FPO         NABARD, Imphal

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